GIRLS Strength Camp

AGE 9-16 years

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Our Strength Camp is designed specifically for young people aged  9 - 16 years.  


We blend physical exercise with group activity which supports young people to build resillience, confidence and improve their mental health. 


Qualified and experienced coaches lead the girls through a specially designed programme, which supports them to increase strength, fitness and confidence.  

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The gym space is friendly and intimate and the sessions are inclusive and supportive. We have created a space where all young people, no matter what their fitness levels or body shape, can feel safe to learn new skills and build confidence.  


The sessions focus on coaching young people to lift weights,  in a way which is appropriate to their age, individual strength and fitness levels. 


Following the exercise, we spend some time facilitating specially designed group activity that encourages the girls to talk about things which are important to them, including issues such as bullying, anxiety, relationships, body image and self esteem.