What Happy Cactus means to our members

Well Happy Cactus means to me, a lot. I used to get bullied so I had a lot of emotions inside of me but mainly negative emotions. At my first session I  . . .

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Happy Cactus helps me to concentrate on what is happening, and it also helps me to get a bit more confident around new things. . .

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For me, Happy Cactus has always been a safe place. A place to work out, make friends, build confidence and talk about my emotions. It's amazing to know that the coaches are always open to what I have to say, especially on a tough day . . . .


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When I first joined Happy Cactus I had been picked to go to Nepal with my school and was doubting my abilities and whether or not I could face the difficult treks. Michelle and Natalie ensured me I could do it and built up my physical and mental health. . .

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Happy Cactus means to me physical and emotional health and I feel more children should join the fun.

Happy Cactus Coaching Co.

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